2020-21 Frostbite Series​ is on!

Sat., Dec. 12 – 3K/12K- RESULTS
Sat., Dec. 26 –  2M/10M- RESULTS
Sat., Jan. 9 – 5K/20K - RESULTS
Sat., Jan. 23 – 4M/13.1M
Sat., Feb. 6 –  3M/15K




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Dec 26

Jan 9

Jan 23

Feb 6

Course Maps 

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Race Information

Date: Saturday, January 23

Location: Across from the Visitors Center in Forest Park

Distances: Short Series– 4 Mile;  Long Series–Half Marathon

ATTENTION! NEW UPDATES TO ENTRANCES TO FOREST PARK: Participants should be  aware that certain roads within Forest Park have been closed to vehicular traffic. Due to repairs,  the entrance at Union Drive off Lindell Boulevard will be closed for the Jan. 23 Frostbite Series  Half/4M race. However, the entrance at Cricket Drive off of Lindell Boulevard, near the Visitor Center will reopen temporarily as an alternative. The easiest access to the Visitor Center parking lot is from: 1) Hampton Avenue entrance or 2) the Lindell Boulevard entrances at DeBaliviere  near the Missouri History Museum or Cricket Drive at the Visitors Center.  Due to closures, drivers should avoid entering Forest Park from the Skinker Boulevard at Forsyth Boulevard entrance, and the Lindell Boulevard at Union Drive entrance. A map showing park access and current road  closures is below and is also available at forestparkmap.org/alerts. Parking is available in the  Visitor Center lot as well as the roads near the Muny and Boathouse, the lower and upper Muny  lots. Here is a link to a map with parking areas in Forest Park: https://forestparkmap.org

Short Series Wave Start Times:  Wave 1–7:30 a.m.; Wave 2–7:35 a.m.; Wave 3–7:40 a.m.; Wave 4–7:45 a.m.; Wave 5–7:50 a.m.; Wave 6–7:55 a.m.; Wave 7 – 8:00 a.m.

Long Series Wave Start Times:  Wave 1–9:00 a.m.; Wave 2–9:05 a.m.; Wave 3–9:10 a.m.; Wave 4–9:15 a.m.; Wave 5–9:20 a.m.; Wave 6–9:25 a.m.; Wave 7 –9:30 a.m.

Long Series Walkers or those running slower than 11:00 min/mile may start around 8:30 am. Just come to the start and make sure the starters are there so your time gets registered.

Wave times are available here:  https://runsignup.com/Race/FindARunner/?raceId=102668


COVID-19 safety protocols:

St. Louis Track Club will employ strict health and safety considerations regarding participants and volunteers. Participants are required to wear a face covering at all times pre- and post-race. Participants should bring their own face covering to wear until their race starts. (We will have masks available if you forget or lose your) Running in a face covering is not required. Participants should carry their face covering with them and put it on post-race. Physical distancing of at least 6 feet must be maintained in start and finish areas, on the race course, and while around any other participants or volunteers.

COVID-19 symptom questionnaire:

Participants are required to complete and submit a short COVID-19 symptom questionnaire electronically no more than 24 hours prior to the start of the race. The link for the questionnaire is below.  Runners that have not submitted it will not be allowed to start.  If we determine post race that a runner did not submit the questionnaire prior to racing, he/she will not be allowed to continue running in the series.  Please answer the questions honestly and with care. You are our best line of defense against the spread of Covid, and our ability to hold future races.  If you feel ill please do not attend the race that day.  Hard copies will be available on location for those that forgot. You can also reference this email and fill it out on your phone on the spot.


Bibs: Bibs were mailed out to participants at the address used for registration. Bibs are marked with your assigned Wave start times. Your start time will be same for each race in the Series. The bibs should be kept and reused for all races in the Series. If a participant loses or damages their bib, they can receive a replacement on race morning. Please always use the replacement bib for the rest of the series.  Wave times can be accessed here: https://runsignup.com/Race/FindARunner/?raceId=102668

Restrooms: Portable restrooms and hand sanitizer will be available in the parking lot across from the Visitors Center. Due to COVID-19, we do not have a permit this year to use the Visitors Center on race day and discourage participants from using it. We encourage participants to wait in their vehicles or outside before entering the start area at their assigned start time.


Lining up: Participants should arrive at the start area no more than 5 minutes before their assigned Wave start time. Before heading to the start area, runners may wait in their cars or at Cricket Field at Grand Drive and Cricket Drive which has plenty of space and is near the start areas. Volunteers will verbally confirm that they have completed the COVID-19 symptom questionnaire before allowing them to enter the start area. The starting area will be marked with places for runners to line up socially distanced before starting in groups of 4. Participants must keep their masks on in the start area until they begin.

Water stations: Water and safety stations will be set up on the course. Stations will have water in cups. Participants will be required to pick up their own drinks off of the tables at water stations. Participants can also bring their own water bottle or hydration device.


COVID-19 safety protocols: Participants are required to wear a face covering post-race. Physical distancing of at least 6 feet must be maintained in finish area, and while around any other participants or volunteers.  Please continue move away from the finish area as directed by the volunteers.

Finish times and recovery: Participants will receive their time via text message following the race. Results will also be available here: https://www.fleetfeet.com/s/stlouis/racing/race-results/frostbite-series Participants should leave the finish area quickly and make arrangement to meet or wait from others away from the finish area to prevent crowding.

Medals: Medals will be handed out at the finish line.  Don't forget to grab yours to commemorate this year's series!

Post-race refreshments:  Postrace refreshments will consist of bottled water and packaged food products that participants will be required to pick up from the tables on their own.  They will be located down the cinder path to the left as you finish your race.

Shirts and purchased items: Shirts will be available after the finish of the second race on December 26.  You will find them in the same area as the post race food and water.


Abiding by our agreement with health authorities, if at any time during the series a runner or participant tests positive for COVID-19, they must inform the St. Louis Track Club within 48 hours at office@stlouistrackclub.com. St. Louis Track Club is responsible for informing participants within the affected runner’s starting wave and those who finish within close proximity. Participating in the Frostbite Series is acknowledgement of this responsibility.

                                                  FOREST PARK ROAD CLOSURE MAP  (Areas in red are CLOSED)

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