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Scholarship Fund

The mission of the St. Louis Track Club is to promote an engaged community for runners and walkers of all abilities, and from all walks of life. We recognize that a person’s limited financial resources can discourage them from becoming runners/walkers, and limit their participation in running/walking races and events. In response we have created the St. Louis Track Club Scholarship Fund. The fund is designed to ease the burden of running/walking related expenses, and to reduce financial barriers that prevent a person from pursuing their running/walking goals. Examples might include providing Club registration and race fees, or the costs associated with participating in high school Track and Field or other events. All running/walking related requests will be considered.

The scholarship includes an application process and will be limited to those who demonstrate financial need. The applications will be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors throughout the year on an established schedule.

If you would lik to donate to the scholarship fund you can do so here.  Your donation is tax deducible to the full extent permitted by law.  Tax Receipt can be provided upon request.

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