Forest Park Forever Tribute Bricks

Tribute Bricks

Would you like to honor or memorialize a friend, fellow runner or loved one? Do so with a brick in Forest Park at at the Member Paver Plaza at the base of the reflecting pool at Government Hill. For a donation of $200, you will receive a 4″ x 8″ paver that allows for a three-line inscription with 15 characters per line. Or a 6″ bx 8″ paver with six lines is also available for $2,000.

Donations can be made directly to Forest Park Forever. If teaming up with friends, FPF will keep track of donations and let you know when the monetary goal has been reached. Please designate if it’s for an SLTC member.

The Track Club is currently gathering contributions for George Perry and Keith Fitzgerald. Contributions may be sent:

FPF – Paver Bricks 
Attention Erin
5595 Grand Dr
St Louis, Mo. 63112

Please designate who the contribution is for and that they are a St Louis Track Club member.

FPF will keep track, send thank you notes and let us know when $200 has been reached. Early February 2017 is deadline to place bricks by May.

Click here to see the location of the Brick Paver Plaza where these are installed.

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