Mission Statement: The St. Louis Track Club promotes an engaged community for runners and walkers of all levels.


We do so by:

  • Supporting runners and walkers of all abilities through our member network;

  • Organizing and producing events and programs that meet the needs of our members and the running/walking community;

  • Partnering with local youth, health-oriented, and community running programs; and

  • Mobilizing our members and volunteers in support of our mission.

Founded in 1970, the St. Louis Track Club is an exempt organization
under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Rae Mohrmann – President
John Harwell – Vice Pesident
Renee Parks – Secretary
Luke Padesky – Treasurer
Amy Cadman
Matt Coriell
Craig Lindgren
Bob Maher
Jeff McPherson
Jack Riegel
Kate Stewart
Steve Wasserman
To reach a board member, please email office@stlouistrackclub.com
Executive Director: Maggie Siemer
Webmaster: Anna Jones


SLTC Pace Series: Don Denham

Marathon Training Runs: Ron Golan & Bill McCoy

Corps of Discovery Trail Race: Mike Orrico

St. Louis Half Marathon: Kevin Jokisch

Marathon Relay: Paul McGee & Rae Mohrmann

SLTC Frostbite Series: Mike Bahr & Bob Chitwood

To be put in contact with a race director, please contact the office at office@stlouistrackclub.com or call 314-781-3926