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Celebrate 50 years of the Saint Louis Track Club (SLTC) by running or walking 50 miles during the month of October 2020, SLTC's founding month back in 1970! 

Register (at no cost!) and virtually join SLTC, family and friends in this golden opportunity to celebrate 50 years of SLTC while getting your miles in...and staying physically, mentally and socially healthy! Those who accrue and log their 50 miles by the end of October will receive a SLTC 50th Anniversary sticker!

There will be lots of opportunities for fun while accruing your miles -- and plenty of chances to win a golden goody bag of vintage SLTC gear and golden treats; get excited for... a run/walk scavenger hunt, wacky run/walk diaries, SLTC Trivia on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and who knows what else!

Stay connected with other celebrants through our social media (FB: @saintlouistrackclub, IG: stltrackclub)...we look forward to all the posts of selfies (esp, in vintage SLTC gear!) and other pics as you log your 50 miles! #SLTC50

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