And Annual Volunteer Picnic


This is a fun event that will take teams on an adventure through Forest Park!  The hunt begins at 3pm on Sunday, June 12.  There is no set route, just clues to get you to the next station where you will need to complete a task (It might be a puzzle, or it might be feats of strength!) before moving on.  After the race at approximately 4pm, we will hold our annual volunteer picnic.  The start and finish is at picnic site 5 (on Wells, west of Tamm) in Forest Park.  Participation is open to individuals or teams.  This is an untimed fun run!  No advanced registration is necessary.

All hunt participants along with club members and volunteers are invited to stay for the club volunteer picnic at 4pm.  SLTC will provide burgers.  Sides are potluck and dinks outside of water are BYO.

Roads will not be closed and there will be no course marshals!  Please use caution!  Each team is responsible for finding their own route to each station.  The route will be approximately 4 miles assuming each team takes the most direct route to each station.  The total time limit on the event will be 1 hour.  If your team will not be able to complete all 5 stations in this time limit, please stop early and return to the pavilion.  We want to make sure everyone makes it back safely!

There will be a total of 5 station at which participants will be required to complete a task before moving on.  The field will be divided into groups starting off at different stations, so don’t blindly follow your competition!  There will be a time limit of 10 minutes at each station to complete the task.  Look for the SLTC volunteer with an orange flag at each station.  Once the task is finished, each team will receive a clue to the next station.

After your team completes all 5 stations, return to the pavilion. The first team to return and correctly answer the final puzzle will win.