Four runners each runs a 3+ mile loop twice for a total of 26.2 miles on the third Sunday of November.



Links: 2016 M.R. Photos by Mary Jo Rehg

2015 Marathon Relay Photos by Mary Jo Rehg


Forest Park
Lower Muny Parking Lot
Summit Dr, St Louis, MO 63112


Course Map

The course is a 3.25+ mile loop over paved surfaces within Forest Park covered by 4 runners alternating laps, with all exchanges taking place by the Lower Muny parking lot:

Runner A – 1st and 5th laps
Runner B – 2nd and 6th laps
Runner C – 3rd and 7th laps
Runner D – 4th and 8th laps


 Paul McGee & Rae Mohrmann

2016 Marathon Relay Results

NumberDivisionTeam NameTimePlace
978Male OpenThe Fightin' Wrightons2:30:301
70Male OpenThe young and the rest of us2:32:462
100Male OpenKen Bone is running anchor (MORC)2:44:593
994Male OpenWashU Run Club2:55:024
995Male 160+We C Unicorns2:55:421
97Male OpenFour MORC's2:57:505
88Mixed Open8 Deadly Shins3:04:101
99Mixed OpenGreen Team3:12:112
976Female OpenTeam Yoga3:12:321
87Mixed 200+4 Old RWs3:13:371
76Mixed OpenAnd then the vultures eat you3:17:113
95Mixed 240+Could Be The Last Run3:19:341
85Male 160+Four shades of grey3:31:022
998Mixed OpenHigh plains drifters3:32:364
72Male 160+Sweat, regret and oxygen debt3:32:493
658Female 160+Metro Milers Murdock3:33:431
996Mixed OpenWe've Got the Runs3:43:305
980FamilyThe Levines3:34:411
971CorporateTeam Hasselhoff3:40:072
659Mixed OpenMetro Milers Face3:40:296
810Female 160+Run for the Border!3:40:432
662Mixed OpenMetro Milers BA3:43:017
660Mixed OpenMetro Milers Hannibal3:43:518
751Male 160+Moonrunners3:43:574
997Female 160+Worst Pace Scenario3:47:273
991CorporateThe Young & The Breathless3:48:113
655Male 160+Team Movement 13:54:015
84Female 160+Cirque de sore legs3:55:234
75Female OpenFemme Fatales3:57:032
74Mixed OpenEnjoying endorphines3:57:389
73Female OpenRun like the winded4:02:453
92Female 160+Alley Moms4:04:355
992Mixed 160+Turnbull ACs4:08:431
999Mixed 200+Kickin' Bootie4:11:382
989CorporateThe Pork Chop Express 4:11:395
83Mixed 200+Your pace or mine4:13:293
990Mixed OpenThe Rogues4:18:2510
663Male 160+Team Movement 24:18:276
71CorporateWhere is my monkey butter4:21:506
86Mixed OpenScrambled legs and achin4:23:2511
98Mixed OpenGel Runners4:23:2912
93Mixed 160+beer team4:28:142
796Mixed OpenRoad Warriors4:29:0313
77Mixed OpenChasing awesome4:31:3914
94Mixed 160+Booty Crew4:32:363
96FamilyFlying Dutchmen4:36:082
993Mixed 200+Uncorked4:48:054
82Mixed 160+We thought they said rum4:51:314
78Mixed OpenGet up and go5:05:4515
79Female 160+I thought this was a 5k5:09:376
80Female 160+O couch, where art thou5:17:107

2016 INFO:


Sunday, November 20th, 2016


Optional/additional: Costume contest! All team members must be costumed.

Check-in: Team Captain must check in on race day between 6:45-7:45am at the Lower Muny parking lot.

Cotton gloves to all participants / Refreshments during and after the event!


Top 3 finishers in each of the following divisions:

**MIXED teams are defined as 2 males, 2 females

Top 2 teams in each of the following divisions:

160+ (total team age is 160 years or more)
200+ (total team age is 200 years or more, any gender combination)
**MIXED teams are defined as 2 males, 2 females

CORPORATE (all from one corporation, any age, any gender combination)

FAMILY (all from one family, any age, any gender combination)

The top team in each of the following:

MALE 160+ (total team age is 160 years or more)
FEMALE 160+ (total team age is 160 years or more)
OPEN 240+ (any gender combination, total team age is 240 years or more)